Guess the 90s Drinks Answers and Cheats

Guess the 90s Drinks answers and cheats to this 90s trivia game for iOS and Android. Reminisce about the most popular drinks of the 90s. Do you remember Coke Vanilla, Surge, or Orbitz? If your memory fails you, just use these Guess the 90s Drinks answers and cheats to beat the game!

guess the 90s Orbitz guess the 90s Josta guess the 90s Squeezit
Travel planning websiteFirst energy drinkSugary drinks in
guess the 90s Crystal Pepsi guess the 90s Surge guess the 90s Fruitopia
Crystal PepsiSurgeFruitopia
A failed marketing attempt, a revamped sodaA type of caffeine drink.A fruit flavored drink made by Coca Cola.
guess the 90s Guzzler guess the 90s Capri Sun guess the 90s Coke Vanilla
GuzzlerCapri SunCoke Vanilla
A fruit drink marketed as a thirst-quencher.A brand of juice box that is known for its unique package, which looks like a pouch.A flavor of Coca Cola that has a hints of a popular flavor of ice cream.


  1. Alaina Shenae Swann says:

    Guzzier is wrong. It is Guzzler.

  2. Guess the 90s Answers says:

    thank you for the heads up, we will look into the correct spelling in the game right away!

  3. How many hints do you have?