Guess The 90s Answers Level 56

Guess The 90s Answers and cheats to Level 56 of the popular photo word game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Reminisce about the most popular celebrities, games, and musicians of the 90s. Do you remember Chuck Norris, Notorious B.I.G. and the movie Tommy Boy? If your memory fails you, just use these Guess the 90s Level 56 answers and cheats to beat the game.

Guess the 90s Level 56:

guess the 90s Kramer guess the 90s Mrs Doubtfire
Kramer Mrs Doubtfire
Goofy character played by Michael Richards from the American sitcom Seinfeld Movie where Robin Williams dresses as a woman
guess the 90s Warheads guess the 90s Smashing Pumpkins
Warheads Smashing Pumpkins
Sour sucking candyBand formed by Billy Corgan
guess the 90s Pete Rose guess the 90s Robin Williams
Pete Rose Robin Williams
All time MLB hits leaderActor in Mrs. Doubtfire and Patch Adams
guess the 90s Chuck Norris guess the 90s Snap
Chuck Norris Snap
Walker Texas RangerBand that sang “The Power” and “Rhythm Is a Dancer”
guess the 90s Tommy Boy guess the 90s Notorious Big
Tommy Boy Notorious Big
Movie starring Chris Farley and David Spade as break pad salesmanRapper who was killed, his real name was Christopher Wallace

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