Guess the 90s Games Answers and Cheats

Guess The 90s Answers and cheats to Games category part 1 of the popular photo word game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Reminisce about the most popular tv, toys, and musicians of the 90s. Do you remember Mall Madness, Ouija Board, Dream Phone, Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego ? If your memory fails you, just use these Guess the 90s Games answers and cheats to beat the game.

guess the 90s Mall Madness guess the 90s Ouija Board
Mall MadnessOuija Board
A popular board game involving a mallA board that allows people to communicate with the dead
guess the 90s Dream Phone guess the 90s Oregon Trail
Dream Phone
A fake telephone guessing game
guess the 90s Carmen Sandiego "guess


  1. Jeannette Miller-Mott says:

    Quiji board does not work. The letter “Q” is not a letter I can pick.. It’s not there!

  2. there is an ad over my page for the video game (river crossing wagons) and the pic of the lady wearing red. what are they?

  3. Kimberley Bauman-Hooton says:

    Does anyone know what the board game with the person sleeping on a bed is?? Thanks!

  4. Kimberley Bauman-Hooton says:

    I figured it out!!! LOL In case anyone else has trouble with it, its called “Don’t wake Daddy”

  5. Guess the 90s Answers says:

    Thank you for letting us know that some of the answers can not be seen. We will fix the problem right away for future use!

  6. Albert Bianco says:

    I won’t show me the game to the right of Carmen San Diego

    • Guess the 90s Answers says:

      Thank you for letting us know, sorry for the inconvenience! We will fix it as soon as possible!