Guess The 90s Answers Level 40

Guess the 90s Level 40:

guess the 90s Dru Hillguess the 90s Stanley Yelnatsguess the 90s Chain Wallet
Dru HillStanley YelnatsChain Wallet
R&B group known for “In My Bed”The protagonist of HolesAssociated with punk fashion
guess the 90s Stephanie Seymourguess the 90s Gshockguess the 90s Diablo
Stephanie SeymourGshockDiablo
American model and actressWatches known for their durabilityRole-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment
guess the 90s Jetsonsguess the 90s Out of Sightguess the 90s Street Fighter
JetsonsOut of SightStreet Fighter
An animated show about a family living in the futureA movie about a bank robber and a US Marshall forced to work togetherPopular fighting video game
guess the 90s Mood Ring
Mood Ring
Ring that changed colors based on your feelings


    1. Ok….now what about level 41+

    2. Guess the 90s Answers says:

      When the game comes out with new levels, check back here and we will have the answers and hints for you!

      • Well… where are they? I am stuck on level 58 with a baseball player. (And why do people keep calling every single question a level? Makes it hard to find cheats when you look for Level 58 and get an answer to QUESTION 58)

    3. Ashley Shade says:

      Where the rest of the level need help on 41

      • Guess the 90s Answers says:

        We just updated our site with the Guess the 90’s update! We now have the answers and hints for levels 41 through 60!

    4. Tracey Van Valkenburgh says:

      I’m on level 40 it don’t tell me what the answer is but I know it’s a wallet tho but what kind

    5. Jason Paul Baker says:

      The second answer is Holes. It shows the book and author.

    6. Cristene Byrd says:

      how do i go about to change my facebook login without loosing all my credits and having to do it all over

    7. Katy T. Rusch says:

      I beat the game at 40 it said

    8. Ariana M Laiche-Oriez says:

      hehe I love how the Jetsons- which by the way premiered in 1962 is in a game about the 90’s. By the way it ended in 1963 after only one season than came back from 1984 to 1987.

    9. Ariana M Laiche-Oriez says:

      and Mood rings were created in 1975 in NY and were popular in the late 1970’s