Guess The 90s Answers Level 52

Guess the 90s Level 52 answers and cheats to this 90s trivia game for iOS and Android. Reminisce about the most popular games, movies, and musicians of the 90s. Do you remember Double Jam Basketball, Deion Sanders, and Murphy Brown? If your memory fails you, just use these Guess the 90s Level 52 answers and cheats to beat the game.

Guess the 90s Level 52:

guess the 90s Double Jam Basketball guess the 90s Deion Sanders
Double Jam Basketball Deion Sanders
Basketball style game to play with friendsFormer NFL Cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys
guess the 90s Murphy Brown guess the 90s Stuart Little
Murphy Brown Stuart Little
American comedy show that aired on CBS Movie about a mouse that lives with a family
guess the 90s Destinys Child guess the 90s Escalade
Destinys Child Escalade
Musical group featuring Beyonce Cadillac automobile
guess the 90s Whitney Houston guess the 90s Dick Tracy
Whitney Houston Dick Tracy
Recording artist famous for singing “Dance with Somebody” A 1990 film starring Warren Beatty
guess the 90s Kelsey Grammer guess the 90s Brenda Walsh
Kelsey Grammer Brenda Walsh
Actor and character on the show Frasier TV character on the show Beverly Hills 90210

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