Guess The 90s Answers Level 48

Guess The 90s Answers and cheats to Level 48 of the popular photo word game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android. Reminisce about the most popular actors, video games, and musicians of the 90s. Do you remember Brad Pitt, Dr. Mario, and Billy Joel? If your memory fails you, just use these Guess the 90s Level 48 answers and cheats to beat the game.

Guess the 90s Level 48:

guess the 90s Johnny Grill guess the 90s Angelina Jolie
Johnny Grill Angelina Jolie
Singer and actor, one of the members of the group New Edition. Actress known for her movie roles in Gia, Changeling and Salt.
guess the 90s Brad Pitt guess the 90s Dr. Mario
Brad Pitt Dr. Mario
Actor who is currently married to Angelina Jolie. Video game where you have to drop capsuls to get rid of viruses.
guess the 90s Dr. Dre guess the 90s Jewel
Dr. Dre Jewel
CEO of the record label Aftermath Entertainment. Singer known for hits Foolish Games, Who Will Save Your Soul and You Were Meant For Me.
guess the 90s Joey Potterguess the 90s Billy Joel
Joey PotterBilly Joel
Character played by Katie Holmes on Dawsons Creek. Musician with hits such as We Didnt Start the Fire, Uptown Girl and Dont Ask Me Why.
guess the 90s Monica Selesguess the 90s Armageddon
Monica SelesArmageddon
Former number one womans tennis player. Movie based around core drillers who are sent to stop an asteroid.

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