How To Play Guess the 90s

Guess the 90’s is one of the rising app trivia games of 2014! Available for iOS devices iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as Android devices and Facebook, Guess the 90’s is bringing all over your favorite 90’s stuff back!

Guess the 90’s has over 400 levels, where they will be testing your knowledge on everything 90’s like TV shows, popular bands and boy bands, movies, actors, TV/movie characters, toys, items, objects, food and so much more! You will be enthralled by how much of the decade is captured in the Guess the 90’s app!
The gameplay for Guess the 90’s is simple – You will be given a picture of something from the 90’s. A category will be shown above indicating if it is a movie, TV show, music, or something else. Blank spaces will appear below the picture, and below that is a letter bank. When you think you know what the answer is, pick the letters and fill in the blanks! When you have answered correctly, you will move onto the next level! For every correct answer you will receive 4 coins that will be added to the already 60+ that were given when you first downloaded Guess the 90’s.
If you find that you are having trouble with a level, you can use one of their hints to help you. The best hint options are to reveal a letter, which will put a letter into one of the blank spaces. Or remove a letter, which will remove a letter or some letters that are not used in the answer/level. But those hints cost a lot. 15 or more coins for each hint. And remember, you only get 4 coins for every correct answer.
That’s why we recommend you use our Guess the 90’s cheats and answers to help!