Guess the 90s Actors Answers and Cheats

Guess the 90s Actors answers and cheats to this trivia game for IOS and Android devices. Reminisce about the trendiest actors from the 90s. Do you remember film and television stars such as Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Andrew Keegan, and Jaleel White? If not, just use these Guess the 90s Actors cheats to help refresh your memory.

guess the 90s Bill Nye guess the 90s JTTguess the 90s Chris Farley
Bill NyeJTTChris Farley
A popular scientist that was featured on his own kid’s TV showAn actor from the TV Show Home ImprovementPopular actor on SNL and in Tommy Boy
guess the 90s Devon Sawaguess the 90s Will Smith guess the 90s Andrew Keegan
Devon SawaWill SmithAndrew Keegan
Actor in the film CasperFresh Prince of Bel-Air starTV and Movie actor in 10 Things I Hate About You
guess the 90s Tom Green guess the 90s Jim Carrey guess the 90s Ray Romano
Tom GreenJim CarreyRay Romano
Popular TV show host where he would pull pranks on his parentsActor, comedian in The MaskAn actor and star of “Everybody loves Raymond”
guess the 90s Jaleel White
Jaleel White
Actor who played Steve Urkel in Family Matters.