Guess the 90s Toys Answers and Cheats pt. 3

Guess The 90s Answers and cheats to Toys category part 3 of the popular photo word game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android.

guess the 90s Gak guess the 90s Koosh Ball
Gak Koosh Ball
Gooey blob that has a variety of colors and can make shapes A fuzzy ball with various colors
guess the 90s Sky Dancers guess the 90s Floam
Sky Dancers Floam
Flying toy dollsToy building material, like foam
guess the 90s Monster in My Pocket guess the 90s Laser Tag
Monster in My Pocket Laser Tag
A toy line released in the 1990s corresponding to a board gameA game played on a special terrain where the only lights are fluorescent and you aim a gun that shoots lasers.
guess the 90s Mr. Bucket guess the 90s Creepy Crawlers
Mr. Bucket Creepy Crawlers
A bucket contraption that spits out different implements.A machine to create your own creepy crawly snakes, bugs and scorpions.
guess the 90s Power Wheels guess the 90s Crocodile Dentist
Power Wheels Crocodile Dentist
A brand of battery operated cars for children.A game designed to pull the plastic teeth out of a green plastic crocodile’s mouth.

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