Guess the 90s Actresses Answers and Cheats

Guess the 90s Actresses answers and cheats to the 90s trivia game for IOS and Android devices. Bring back your favorite actresses from the 90s from film and television. Have you forgotten about actresses such as Tori Spelling, Sharon Stone, and Candice Bergen? If so, just read these Guess the 90s Actresses cheats to jog your memory.

guess the 90s Brooke Shields guess the 90s Pamela Anderson
Brooke Shields Pamela Anderson
Popular actress in the movie Blue Lagoon Actress on the show Baywatch
guess the 90s Carmen Electra guess the 90s Tori Spelling
Carmen Electra Tori Spelling
Tara Leigh Patrick (model, actress)Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210
guess the 90s Kate Winslet guess the 90s Jennifer Aniston
Kate Winslet Jennifer Aniston
A blonde actress famous for playing Rose in ‘Titanic’An actress known for being Rachel on ‘Friends’ and being married to Brad Pitt.
guess the 90s Sharon Stone guess the 90s Candice Bergen
Sharon Stone Candice Bergen
A popular female actress known for her roles in the Basic Instinct movies and Total Recall.An actress who starred in Boston Legal
guess the 90s Susan Sarandon guess the 90s Lisa Kudrow
Susan Sarandon Lisa Kudrow
Played Jane in The Witches of EastwickStarred in HBO series The Comeback


  1. ok i am on level 27 and the answer is cladia schiffer and it’s too many boxes for the first name what is going on

    • Guess the 90s Answers says:

      There may have been a typo on the page, try Claudia (adding the U to her name). Hopefully that works!