Guess the 90s Toys Answers and Cheats pt. 4

Guess The 90s Answers and cheats to Toys category part 4 of the popular photo word game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android.

guess the 90s Knex guess the 90s Gooey Louie guess the 90s Tickle Me Elmo
Knex Gooey Louie Tickle Me Elmo
Connectable pieces like legos that include gears and wheels.A mannequin dummy with mucus in his nose that can be pulled out.A red elmo doll that can be touched and it will make a laughing sound.
guess the 90s Yak Bak guess the 90s Roller Blades guess the 90s Giga Pet
Yak Bak Roller Blades Giga Pet
A device which allowed you to record up to six seconds of audio and have the recording playback.A type of inline skating.An electronic device featuring a digital pet.
guess the 90s Crossfire guess the 90s Talkback Dear Diary guess the 90s Puppr Surprise
Crossfire Talkback Dear Diary Puppr Surprise
A debate show that pitted a conservative and a liberal against on and other.An electronic handheld device in which one can record diary entries.A pregnant stuffed animal dog that would surprise children with the amount of puppies it gave birth to.
guess the 90s Namco Guncon
Namco Guncon
Video game gun used for Time Crisis