Guess the 90s Movies Answers and Cheats pt. 2

Guess The 90s Answers and cheats to Movies category part 2 of the popular photo word game for iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android.

guess the 90s Fargo guess the 90s Braveheart guess the 90s Fight Club
Fargo Braveheart Fight Club
A movie by the Coen brothers about a police chief in a small town in Minnesota.A movie starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace, a Scotsman fighting for the freedom of the Scottish against EnglandA movie based on the book of the same title about a man who meets a man named Tyler Durden and they form a fight club.
guess the 90s Face Off guess the 90s Goodfellas guess the 90s Stargate
Face Off Goodfellas Stargate
A crime thriller movie starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage about dual identities.A movie about the Lucchese crime family.A sci fi, military movie starring Kurt Russell and James Spader.
guess the 90s American Pie guess the 90s Dazed and Confused guess the 90s Space Jam
American Pie Dazed and Confused Space Jam
A comedy starring Jason Biggs, it is known for being very raunchy.A movie that takes place over one day in high schoolA movie in which Michael Jordan teams up with cartoon characters to win a basketball game.
guess the 90s Heavenly Creatures
Heavenly Creatures
A movie in which two teenage girls with an obsessive relationship kill one of their mothers.