Guess the 90s Bands Answers and Cheats

Guess the 90s Bands answers and cheats for the trivia game for IOS and Android devices. Reminisce about the greats musicians of the decade. Have you forgotten about the greatest musical performers of the 90s like Nirvana, Korn, and Smash Mouth? If so, then read these cheats to beat the game and bring back that 90s vibe.

guess the 90s Nirvana guess the 90s Wu Tang Clan guess the 90s Korn
NirvanaWu Tang ClanKorn
Band who made the song Smells Like Teen SpiritHip hop groupHeavy metal band
guess the 90s No Doubt guess the 90s Smash Mouthguess the 90s Limp Bizkit
No DoubtSmash MouthLimp Bizkit
Band with Gwen StefaniBand who made the song All StarHeavy metal band